This Initiative Allows College Students To Raise Awareness Of National Debt and Fiscal Challenges

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Students sit down with former President Clinton and daughter Chelsea. Image: Students For Liberty

Up to UIC is the official University of Illinois at Chicago team for the ‘It’s Up to Us Campus Competition.’

The 2016-2017 Up to Us Campus Competition includes teams from 75+ colleges and universities in 40 states across the country. Participants host a range of engaging activities to educate fellow students on the long-term national debt while gathering signatures for a non-partisan pledge to take a stand for their fiscal futures and ask elected officials and presidential candidates for a plan while focusing on creating high-quality engagement on campus. Inspired by millennials’ drive to promote real change, the Up to Us competition will focus on promoting solutions-oriented thinking and participants will be provided with several suggestions for how to host solution-based events on their campuses.

To American millennials, the national debt seems like an abstract concern, however the problems it will create are and will become increasingly concrete. With current laws maintained, in the next 30 years, the debt held by the public will climb to 104% of the GDP, which is higher than the entire yearly economic output of the country. In 30 years, this will translate to 80% of the total available federal budget. In about a decade, interest costs alone will be the federal governments third largest category. By 2030, the social security will no longer be supported. The debt will directly affect the quality of life of our generation, despite no being those who created it.

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