Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update has finally convinced me to switch to Microsoft Edge Browser

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Image: Windows Central

On August 2nd, Microsoft launched the biggest update for Windows 10 since its launch – The Windows 10 Anniversary Update. I know, it’s a lengthy name. For the sake of convenience, I will just refer to it as the Windows 10 AU. The AU introduced a lot of refinements to the operating system, making it look significantly more polished than the previous version. Besides, Microsoft also introduced some nifty features such as Windows Ink, Dark mode, and Windows Hello. The AU also lets you sync your notifications, including text messages and missed calls. It even lets you reply to your messages from your PC’s Action Center, quite similar to Apple’s iMessage. Nonetheless, my favorite feature of the AU is the introduction of extensions for Microsoft’s new Edge Browser.

Microsoft Edge, just like everything in Windows 10, got some refinements as well as some new features. Microsoft has ironed virtually all of annoying bugs and crashes, and the browser just runs as smooth as butter. Now, you can even install add-ons to Edge, like Adblock and Pocket. This alone is enough to convince me to switch to Edge from Chrome. Before the AU, lack of extension support and random bugs with the Edge browser were the only things stopping me from switching. But AU seems to have addressed both of those issues.

Edge is now the clear winner in the browser war, at least in my opinion. The way that Edge handles the resources is unparalleled to any browser in the market, including Chrome. Edge uses significantly less battery and RAM than Chrome, and functions way better on a mediocre level windows tablet. In short, Edge’s resource management is AMAZING. If you don’t believe me, give it a shot. You’ll notice the difference instantly. Sure, Chrome does allow seamless syncing of your personal data and password across all your devices, but I can live without that. I rather prefer an effortless browsing experience.

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