China’s Transit Elevated Bus is pure genius as it travels above car traffic

Hello World. Meet China’s newest bad boy.
Transit Elevated Bus
That right there is the Transit Elevated Bus or TEB for short. The electrically power transportation system travels over automobiles with max speeds of 40 mph. This genius idea stems from the overcrowded streets of heavily industrialized areas of China. You may have seen the TEB a few months back in your Facebook news feed and just thought it would eventually be filed as things that would never happen.
It did happen.

According to TechCrunch, the first test run which consisted of a brake and power consumption test, occurred at Qinhuangdao City. So far, results have been promising. The TEB carries up to 300 passengers and future innovations of the TEB will allow it to carry more. Countries like Brazil, France, and India are among many well-developed countries to integrate the revolutionary transportation system in their city streets.

Here are some videos from the release.
[Sources: TechCrunch]

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