Train Robbers in India escape with nearly $1 Million

Indian Robbery train

INDIA – In an event that seems more likely to have occurred in a movie rather than reality, nearly $1 million in cash has been stolen off of a moving train in India, all without anyone witnessing the act. Leaving from Salem at 9:00 pm Monday with around $51 million in rupee, the locomotive was carrying its 25 tons of currency to the Reserve Bank of India, located in Chennai. Somewhere along this journey, spanning almost 300-kilometers, thieves used a cutting-torch to create a hole in the roof of one of the train cars. After collecting as much money as they could, the robbers then presumably evacuated the moving train with the stolen currency; all done without alerting the armed guards seated in the next car. A timeframe of the crime is almost impossible to establish, as the missing money was discovered only upon the train reaching its destination in Chennai at 4:00 AM the following morning. Authorities believe a team of at least 6 – 8 people committed the daring heist, and are currently investigating the possibility of the thieves receiving inside help from a railway operator, due to the meticulously precise execution of the crime. As there are no witnesses to the act and the only items of evidence are the break-in point and the missing money, investigation will more than likely prove fruitless.

Indian Robbery

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