Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Note 7

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The Galaxy Note 7 in Black, Silver and Coral Blue

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 at the unpacked event yesterday. Galaxy Note 7, which is technically the 6th installment in the Note line, is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. The Note 7 carries on many features of the predecessor Note 5, while at the same time borrowing Galaxy S7 Edge’s design and water proofing. Samsung says that the Note 7 will be available from all four major carriers starting August 19th, and the pre-orders will commence starting today. The pricing of the Note 7 will be similar to the previous Note models and definitely higher than the S7 Edge (S7 Edge costs about $770 to $800).

This year’s Note, unlike previous models, has quite similar specs to the S7 and S7 Edge. Samsung has taken a different approach this year. Usually, Samsung makes the Note series smartphone a more ‘powerful’ alternative to the S-series. And that power just plainly refers to specs, with the Note series having a boosted processor and RAM that the S-series. But this year is different, and it is probably because Samsung has realized that smartphone specs have now plateaued and saturated, with even the cheapest Chinese headsets providing high specs. So, Samsung’s new strategy is to provide features that make the device a better choice than the alternatives. The Note 7 has virtually identical specs as the S7 Edge, sporting the same Snapdragon 820 processor (in North America, China, and Japan; other markets will have Samsung’s own Exynos processor), same 4GB of RAM, quick charging and quick wireless charging, and the same 12-megapixel camera with f/1.7 lens and optical image stabilization. Note 7 also has the same IP68 water resistance as the S7, and support for SD cards. The only difference is that the Note 7 has 64GB of internal storage compared to S7’s 32GB, and its battery being a slightly smaller 3,500mAH compared to S7 and S7 Edge’s 3000mAH and 3600mAH.

The Note 7 also has a similar design as the Galaxy S7 Edge, with a dual Edged AMOLED QHD display. However, it is a bit different that the S7 Edge in the sense that the curvature is set to allow for more flat surface area. Furthermore, the back glass has a similar curvature as the front glass, so that the device can maintain perfect symmetry. Samsung also upgraded the glass in the Note 7 to the new Gorilla Glass 5, compared to the S7’s Gorilla Glass 4. This will allow for better shatter resistance and overall device protection. The Note 7 is also the first Samsung device to show off a USB Type-C charging.

What’s different about the Note 7?


Samsung was the first one to bring fingerprint security to the Android market with Galaxy S5. This time around, Samsung is introducing another biometric security – Iris Scanner. The Note 7 is equipped with an Iris Scanner so that you can scan your eyes to unlock your phone, how cool is that! However, it is worth noticing that this is not yet supported by Android natively, so it all depends on how well Samsung integrates it into its system. Although Samsung does say that you will be able to lock apps, photos, notes, and other content using Iris Scanner. When introduced in the Galaxy S5, the fingerprint sensor wasn’t really that convincing because of lack of proper support. Most of the time, I ended up using my passcode instead of the fingerprint simply due to lack of native support. Let’s hope that this is not the case with the Iris Scanner.

Another area that Note 7 has excelled in is the S-Pen. The S Pen has been upgraded this year with water resistance, a finer point, and twice as fine pressure sensitivity (4,096 levels, as compared to 2,048 on earlier models). There’s also some S-Pen software enhancement, such as a quick translation tool, and a tool that allows you to create GIFs straight from any video that’s playing on the screen. The big bad TouchWiz is also further streamlined to provide for better user experience. Samsung has also changed the color palettes in its apps, making the software a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

The Note 7 is going to be released with Andorid 6.0 Marshmallow, and Samsung has promised an upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat (it might be a really long wait though, given Samsung’s history of update delivery). Just like the S7, Samsung will offer free goodies with the Note 7 as well. Customers will get a choice of a free 256GB MicroSD card or Gear Fit 2 when they purchase a Note 7. With everything that Samsung has to offer with the Note 7, it is safe to say that it will definitely be a huge success and bring in more profits for the company.

Source – The Verge

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