Pokèmon have become difficult to catch in Pokèmon GO, developer Niantic agrees

Pokemon becoming hard to catch

The frustrating catch rates have plagued high level players since the game launched.

The game’s latest update made Pokémon GO a chore to play on. The alternation of the nearby tracking feature removed footprints from surrounding Pokémon which made it far more difficult to catch them. Furthermore, inquisitive players have noticed something far more sinister: Pokémon were fighting back a HELL of a lot more. Wild Pokémon encountered had increased tendencies to dodge and jump over thrown Poke balls. For suburban and rural players, this new hidden and unpleasant mechanic is a nightmare.

Recently, Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO released a statement addressing the lowered catch rates and throwing inaccuracies.

Although Niantic did acknowledge this persistent bug, there is no schedule for an update or hotfix. The recent late July updates added more features to Pokémon GO including: more customization options, a re-organized User Interface, Performance improvements, and balancing changes. The most hated of all was the discarded nearby tracking feature.

To all Pokémon GO players out there, be patient, and maybe, just maybe Niantic won’t screw up the next update and ultimately kill off the game.

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