Pokémon GO’s All New “Nearby” Tracker Is Turning A Lot of Heads

Pokémon Go Nearby

Just recently, special invitations were sent out to players within the San Francisco Bay area to test an all new nearby tracker. What appears to be Niantic’s leap of faith attempt into fixing the tracking mess is turning quite a lot of heads due to its big departure from the original. The new tracking feature offers a snapshot of the player’s environment accompanied by the Pokémon wandering nearby. This snapshot with the Pokémon is supposedly a PokeStop or Gym. These virtual sites tend to attract lots of Pokémon in correlation to player traffic nearby.  In addition, a new “Sighting” panel is introduced with blades of grass plus a specific Pokémon inhibiting it. To get a better idea of the new nearby tracker, here is a before-and-after comparison shot:

Pokémon Go Nearby comparison

Observations from the sub-reddit for Pokémon GO (courtesy of sub-reddit user ‘will650’) have turned up some interesting details about the new tracking update:

  • Each picture by the Pokémon is a PokeStop.
  • When you click the View button (picture 2), it pans out to picture 3. It then resets to the normal view of your character, but the PokeStop will still have the paw icon above it.
  • I have yet to see an icon that’s 1 or 2 paws, but the Pokémon don’t seem to be that far away from the designated PokeStop. I found the Pidgey within a block of that stop.
  • If the Pokémon de-spawns, you’ll get a notification that the Pokémon has fled and it will disappear from your nearby list and will be replaced by another Pokémon.

So digesting all of this, it is assumed Niantic is taking its first big step towards remedying the massive backlash after the big shutdowns of 3rd party tracking apps. Still, it appears this upcoming update won’t affect the ease of discovery for Pokémon throughout the play through of the game. Fingers Crossed for Niantic.

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