This Pokémon GO Player Is So Good, The Game Thought He Was Cheating

Pokémon Go player

Once a player gets past level 20, the amount of experience required to level increases exponentially, from 50,000 experience to a whopping 75 Million in the later levels. You would have to possess the mettle to level up through the game’s pacing. That, however, does not influence the determination of Jimmy Derocher. Not one bit. Jimmy Derocher is a Pokémon GO enthusiast and like plenty of others, he loves it. He loves it so much he accrues so much experience per day – over a million exp – in fact, over the course of the weekend. That is insane. Even the most weathered players and the most experienced would not even scratch a tenth of that amount in a given weekend.

So how does Jimmy accumulate so much experience points?

It turns out, Jimmy is pretty lucky. Jimmy Derocher lives in Austin Texas near a loop teeming with PokeStops. To those of you who play, you can already see where this is going.

Pokémon Go player

Jimmy has a special “loop” in which he traverses around while ACTIVATING special lures to those PokeStops. By also popping ‘Incense’, Jimmy is able to stack the spawn rate of Pokémon alongside rare ones. In addition, the loop has enough distance to efficiently grant Jimmy a more pleasant egg hatching experience, which by the way, can grant 1,000 experience each with a Lucky Egg.

Jimmy broke his exploits to the Internet and he was confronted with skepticism and like the usual, hacking. To prove his legitimate exploits, he live streamed his event and was met with applause. He accrued MORE than 600,000 experience points that the game’s anti-cheating system was triggered to deliver a soft ban. What bad-ass. Way to go kid.

When you are so good at the game that the game itself thinks you’re hacking when you’re not. One must feel like a God.

Sources: Kotaku

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