Pokémon GO is Currently Helping To Change The World

pokémon change world

Augmented Reality has been out for years. Then ever since Pokémon GO came out everyone suddenly knew what is was. The advent of Pokémon GO has influenced the technological reach of the world so much, some might even hail it as the mini Google. The game has plenty of room for improvement and its long-term potential is beyond of the horizon. The seemingly simple game with simple features has grabbed the attention of the world to the possibilities of Augmented Reality. With the attention of the world, it is no surprise tech companies are working diligently to shift focus and make moves towards the catering of millions of people craving to taste what Augmented Reality can offer.

The overlapping of reality and the digital world has enhanced how the average human interacts with the world. The integration of Google Maps into the game and the subsequent improvements to Google Maps stems from Pokémon GO’s success. Google’s hasty response is a prime reaction as to the magnitude of such innovative idea that has finally come into fruition for the world.

The big arrival of Pokémon GO and its unaccounted for sponsorship of Augmented Reality have encouraged the tech companies in investing into how to enhance how humans can interact with the real world.

In health-care, one can expect the influence of augmented reality to be applied to medical school. Google has already created advanced contraptions for medical students to further their studying of the human body. Although this idea was introduced long before Pokémon GO came out, there is no doubt Google is building its success from Pokémon GO’s advent.

[Source: TechCrunch]

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