Netflix releases FAST speed test apps for iOS and Android

Netflix Fast Android

Even in today’s internet age, where the majority of users in first world countries are cord cutters, internet speeds lack. And any Netflix addict would know that Internet speed is a huge factor when it comes to having seamless streaming.

Earlier this year Netflix launched, a website which allows any internet user to analyze their internet speeds and determine if cord cutting is the right decision for them.

However, Netflix finally realized that a chunk of users are mobile and has released mobile applications for

The apps have been released for Android and iOS and are quite easy to use. The second you open the app it begins a download from the Netflix server, allowing the app to give an instant speed analysis. And if you change connection, it recalculates.

Netflix fast adroid app

The streaming giant also released a statement on its blog explaining the service, “We continue to monitor, test and perfect, always with the goal of giving consumers the simplest and most accurate tool possible to measure their current internet performance,”wrote Netflix team members Sergey Fedorov and Ellen Livengood. “We plan to share updates and more details about this exciting tool in future posts.”

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