Mercedes’ All-New Electric Coupe Is The Definition Of Elegance

Mercedes, maybach 6

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

Mercedes is the car brand that comes to mind when “luxury” and “Car” are mentioned in the same sentence. Now, it seems the word “Elegance” and “Efficient” could be applied to the car brand’s list of brand descriptions as well. Mercedes recently unveiled the ‘Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6” an all-new electric car that may even put Tesla Motors to shame. From the car concept artworks and renderings, one can already see its massive size. Despite that, the car implores the unity of efficiency and elegance at the same time while staying true to its luxurious origins.

Fluff aside, here is a glimpse of the specs: Approximately 19-feet long which is nearly 6 meters. All electric, can drive 0 to 62 miles per hour in four seconds. The electronic limit speed is 155 mph, but thanks to its 80-kilowatt- hour battery, the car can accelerate fast and puts out 738 horsepower. The car is able to run for 200 miles per charge and even allows drivers to drive 62 miles in five minutes.

The Mercedes combines vintage luxury, and modern style augmented with the future’s efficiency. A truework of art worth of absolute praise. A high tech car with autonomous intent, a push of the button can designate a driver away from the duties of driving and delivers luxury on a silver platter.

Sources: Mashable.

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