Attention DC Fans, Man of Steel 2 is finally confirmed!

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Man of Steel 2 Confirmed

Although the recent DC movies by Warner Bros are receiving some pretty negative reviews from critics, it is not enough to stop Warner Bros from moving ahead with their movie schedule. The Wrap has recently confirmed that Man of Steel 2, a sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel, is currently in the making at the studio. On the down side though, the movie will probably be scheduled to release after the current DC Extended Universe schedule.

In Warner Bros’ Batman v Superman, the audience was really dismayed to see the death of Superman. As a refresher, Superman died when he saved the world from Doomsday – the movie’s major villain. Later when audience became too impatient to find out if Superman will ever return, Zack Snyder confirmed that we will see his return in Justice League which is scheduled for release during Fall 2017. And the trailer of Justice League further reiterated the same thing.

Since Suicide Squad began as an aftermath of Superman’s death in Batman v Superman, we can expect Warner Bros to follow the sequence with upcoming DC movies. Man of Steel 2 could probably be launched somewhere near the release date of Justice League, further following the sequence of events.

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