‘Man in the High Castle’ season 2 spoilers released, but without original creator

Man in the High Castle

Image: Amazon

Today at the Television Critics Association meeting in Beverly Hills, Amazon released several spoilers for its Nazi-controlled alternate universe in “Man in the High Castle.”

Season 2 will be quite interesting, as the series’ original creator Frank Spotnitz left production in May before shooting began for the second season. Executive producer David Zucker explained during the press conference how the series production is basically being run as a republic after Spotnitz’s departure, “I’d say that we’re running in many ways like a republic, and in that sense, it’s very unique to this show.

“There are senior powers in every aspect of the realization of the show, and that frankly is something Frank himself instituted. I don’t know how somebody could accomplish something of this ambition without putting incredible stock in what your cast has to say, to your keys, to your designers, to your directors.”

We also got many details about what our favorite characters will be up to next season. Frank Frink’s psychological state will worsen and he will become even more radicalized due to finally watching the films. Joe Blake will be heading to Germany, and Juliana Craig will have to face the destruction of the resistance.

Overall, I don’t know how I feel about the show coming together as a “republic.” However, I am super excited to see where the VERY unpredictable show goes.

The show is set to return with its second season December 16th.

You can get the full press release from Variety, and stills from the new season are available at Entertainment Weekly.

[Sources: Variety, EW]

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