House Probe Reveals Skewed ISIS Information


A report released by a House Republican task force has revealed that intelligence reports coming from U.S. Central Command contained inaccurate data.

The Central Command reports tracked the Islamic State’s activities throughout 2014 and 2015. However, the exact data presented gave a sugar-coated picture of reality.

A whistleblower within the Department of Defense tipped off the House committee, saying that higher-ups were manipulating data to make the fight against ISIS appear more successful to the American public. The report ultimately concluded that data produced by U.S. Central Command were, in fact, “inconsistent with the judgments of many senior, career analysts.”

A survey provided to the House task force showed that 40 percent of analysts “had experienced an attempt to distort or suppress intelligence”.

While this appears to be in an effort to make the fight against ISIS appear more effective, as the data shows a rosier picture than what is actually going on, some believe this is the result of differences in interpretation.

Spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Patrick L. Evans said the intelligence community assessments are “based on multifaceted data related to the current security environment.” He also added, “Experts sometimes disagree on the interpretation of complex data, and the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense welcome healthy dialogue on these vital national security topics.”

Allegations of the production of false or skewed data surfaced last year. At the time, the White House insisted that no one within the administration pressured anyone in any agency. They also suggested that blame may rest with the military.

Judging from the turnout of past house committee investigation. there will likely be no further investigation into the matter that reveals anything of importance or who is directly responsible for the inaccurate report.


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