iPhone 7 to Lose the Signature Physical Home Button to a Touch Enabled Capacitive Button

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iPhone 7 Leak by Martin Hajek

If current rumors are not enough to get you excited about Apple’s upcoming flagship, we have something that might. According to a new report by Bloomberg, the iPhone 7 will feature a touch and pressure enabled home button.

This would mean elimination of the physical home button that has been a signature of every iPhone till date. This would be a really big move by Apple, and the giant might have something big planned for it. Last year, when 3D Touch was introduced with the iPhone 6s, it was regarded largely as a mere gimmick. However, if Apple manages to tout the iPhone 7 with a capacitive 3D touch enabled home button, it might finally be able to receive some appreciation. Bloomberg has also reported that the iPhone 7’s home button will use Haptic Feedback to give the feeling of touch, similar to 3D touch on iPhone 6s.

One of the advantages of using such capacitive touch button is that they are less likely to break down, since there are less mechanical parts involved. This is why most android phones nowadays have on-screen keys – to prevent possible breakdowns. A possible reason for Apple to move in this direction is to provide better liquid protection for the iPhone 7, given the elimination of the headphone jack. Both of these changes strongly indicate that Apple might be a bit inspired to make the iPhone 7 water resistant like the Galaxy S7 and Note 7.

Although it will be interesting to see what other features Apple might introduce with the capacitive button, it is still unknown how Apple will integrate the fingerprint sensor with it. Only time will tell. Apple has been criticized of not being very innovative as of lately, and this is their chance to finally innovate.

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