iPhone 7 leak reveals Apple’s in-house A10 processor

iPhone 7 BlueApple has always been very conservative with their internal affairs, and getting a big leak on their product was nearly impossible in the past. However, the situation is completely different this year. With the release date of iPhone quickly approaching (the second week of September), we have more and more leaked information about the device.

This time, MacRumors has revealed the iPhone 7’s processor A10. The name of the processor shouldn’t be shocking, since Apple names their processors in numerical order. The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Pro will both boast the A10 processor, and it can be expected to be accompanied by the M10 motion co-processor.

iPhone 7 A6 Chip

As of right now, we do have any information about the performance improvement over the A9. Apple did claim the 60% improvement from iPhone 6’s A8 processor to iPhone 6s’ A9 processor, so we can expect some similar improvement here. Apple sure does like to flaunt these number, although we don’t really know if it makes a difference in real life. Nonetheless, Apple’s iOS is amazingly optimized to get more out of less, meaning that it can perform outstandingly even with less cores and processor power.

Stay tuned to see what other leaks we get our hands on over the next few weeks!

[Source: MacRumors]

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