Apple tries to prove an iPad Pro is a computer in new ad, here is our take

iPad Pro ad makes us want to think it is a computer

The past couple weeks have been full of surprises from Apple, a Q3 earnings report which shows more negatives than positives and a rumored ‘Space Black’ iPhone. However, the company is back at it again with its short, yet elegant ads.

Apple released an ad for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro Monday on YouTube which begs the question of “What’s a Computer?,” making many of us actually think about what all an iPad Pro can achieve. Of course, Apple used its $100 Pencil and $169 Smart Keyboard in the ad to make-believe that an iPad Pro can truly replace a personal computer.

But can an iPad Pro really replace a computer?

I personally have to disagree as an Apple enthusiast, sorry Apple. The iPad Pro is a great device, yet there are many capabilities it lacks and still belongs in the “tablet zone.” The iPad Pro still doesn’t support flash or support high-end applications with full capabilities. Examples can be Autodesk software for Designers and Architects or the Adobe suite, which lacks much functionality when it comes to the iPad platform.

But what if I am a college student or just need one to get things done at home?

Well, this is the tricky part, as an iPad can give you many things as a college student. You can edit on the office suite, send mail, and use social media. However, I would advice students to keep their majors in mind before deciding to buy an iPad. As if you are an engineering or architecture major an iPad wouldn’t make sense. And what if you are planning on buying one to simply browse the internet and other home use, an iPad or iPad Pro would be an ideal choice.

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