Say hello to ‘Instagram Stories’, Facebook’s replica of Snapchat

Facebook owned Instagram challenges Snapchat with Instagram Stories. The new update allows Instagram users to create image annotations such as texts, doodles, emojis, and other neat doohickeys to the mega hit social media platform. The new update seeks to emulate Snapchat and possible expand upon it. The way Stories are oriented or organized is through an algorithm which ranks them based on personal relationships. People who have a strong relationship with you appear much closer to the front of the queue.

Facebook's Instagram Stories

An Instagram spokesperson spoke to Mashable about the recent update, “Stories are a new format that’s just starting to see broad adoption, and we’re excited to bring them to Instagram and help evolve them.”

Evolve them it is.

The key difference though is the navigation portion; tapping left leads you to previous stories while swiping left will skip to the next story in the food. Tapping right follows you through the next image or video. Just like Snapchat, you can track the person that sees your stories. This is the default setting and can be changed by opting to be more private.

The biggest difference between Snapchat and Instagram Stories is that Instagram only limits photos taken within the past 24 hours. Snapchat’s “Memories” feature offers users to see photos taken a long time ago.

Facebook has a long history of copying and trying to emulate Snapchat features in other ways through Facebook itself and other standalone apps like ‘Poke’ and ‘Slingshot’. Unfortunately, most of them failed. Instagram Stories is a breath of fresh air and quite possibly Facebook’s best approach at succeeding at emulating Snapchat.

Speaking of emulating, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom admitted that Instagram Stories is in fact a carbon copy of Snapchat and Snapchat should deserve all the credit according to an article published on TechCrunch. But hey, at least he’s being honest.

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