Instagram is testing a brand new ‘Channels’ section for videos

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Instagram usually comes as a photo sharing network to our mind.

But now it will be trying to push forward its video front with a new ‘Channels’ features arriving to its Android and iOS apps. According to Mashable, this feature is only available on certain select users since it is still in testing phase.

Before the roll out of channels, Instagram had a thumbnail of ‘Videos you might like’ when you entered the Explore tab. But now, we can see a new icon for Channels in the top right corner when you enter the Explore tab in the app. Channels brings you a neat and organized designed of videos organized by genres. This way, it’d be easier for you to binge on comedy videos, or better yet, binge on cat videos. In short, this change will be admired by many.


There’s a new Channels icon in the upper right. (Image: Mashable)

On the disappointing side, we have no idea when we will see this feature roll out to everyone. But it shouldn’t be longer than a few weeks.

Instagram, video, channels

This is how the new Channels page looks like (Image: Mashable)


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