HP’s new backpack lets you recharge all your gadgets with ease

hp powerup backpack

Do you always have low battery or are just too lazy to pack that charger? Well HP just released a solution to your problems. HP’s new Powerup backpack features a built-in 22,400 mAH  battery that can fully charge your laptop, if not your laptop, it can charge your tablet up to 3 times and phone up to 10 times.

HP Powerup Backpack

Yes we know, of course, HP is not known for its backpacks but it has actually put a lot of thought into the stylish canvas backpack. It features an easy plug that comes out from the side-pocket to make recharging easier and also features heat sensors with ventilating pockets to make sure your gadgets don’t get too warm.

Everything about this backpack is perfect, except not all countries approve travel with such a large battery, therefore consumers are advised to check regulations first. Also, the backpack costs a whopping $200, which makes the product automatically lose a large sum of consumers. It would be wise of HP to drop the price, as at $200 I don’t find many individuals inclined to buy this.

You can pre-order the backpack at Amazon.

[Source: Uncrate]

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