Google is introducing a new launcher for its Nexus devices

Google's new Nexus Launcher

Image: Android Police

With everyone’s eye on Android Nougat’s release not many users have had the time to think about Nexus devices. Recently, we even heard of a “Google Phone,” which would have Google hardware and software. However, no confirmation was made on it. But Google has some users excited and others disappointed with rumors of changes coming to the Nexus home screen, as reported by Android Police.

The changes will be small, yet noticeable. The search widget sitting right below your notifications bar will now be taken over by a calendar widget which will, you guessed it, just show what day it is. The second change will be associated with the transition between the home screen and app drawer, as now users will be able to scroll or swipe up from anywhere in the app dock to reach the app drawer. The drawer will also make the apps pop much more due to a blur added to the somewhat transparent background.

Google's new android home screen for Nexus

Image: Android Police

The third change explains where the Google search box went, as in an attempt to get users to use Google Now more the leak shows a little “G” popping from the left of the screen prompting the user to check what Google Now has to inform him/her about and this is where users will be able to find the Google search box.

Overall, I don’t find these changes particularly bad, as another tap to Google search wouldn’t make too many users unhappy. However, the addition of the useless calendar widget in such a central space makes it a waste of space. Google should definitely reconsider the calendar widget and maybe add something that users would actually find useful. Maybe activity? Weather? or even the retro settings shortcuts.

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