Google Is Hard At Work On A New Operating System Called “Fuchsia”

Google FuchsiaStep aside Windows and Macintosh, Google’s new operating system codenamed ‘Fuchsia’ is currently under development. The current stage of the new operating system currently exists as a “growing pile of code” from Google’s code depository. It is found at GitHub too. Google has not left any clues or statements about Fuchsia or what it is intended for, but according to CNET, Fuchsia uses a different “kernel” than Android or Chrome OS. Operating System kernels are the first that load up upon firing up a computer.

With mysteries, comes rumors. Many speculate that Fuchsia may be Google’s attempt to compress and unify the Android and Chrome OS into one single Operating System. While this may be a shot in the dark, there were plenty of rumors last year about a similar plan. Some say Fuchsia may have bigger things in play such as a platform to power Google OnHub routers or third-party Internet of Things devices.

From the gist of the code, we can definitely make out Fuchsia is an OS built on a microkernel called “Magenta” which is often applied to computer or other specialized systems that do not require an Operating System. All of these are nothing more than speculation, however, with Google nowadays, anything small and obscure, could be the biggest surprise of just about anything.
[Sources: The Verge]

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