George R.R. Martin’s next treat to television might be a superhero series

Wild Cards by George R.R. Martin

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There is some good news in store for George R.R. Martin fans, the writer of the books that brought Game of Thrones to the small screen. The famous writer recently announced on his blog that he has sold the rights to his superhero series Wild Cards. The deal gives Universal Cable Productions rights to make a television series out of his work.

The superhero series was created by Martin with the support of fellow writer Melinda M. Snodgrass in 1987 as an anthology. The story is perfect for today’s audience due the massive amount of fan following that exists for superhero movies and shows, making the arrival of this mutant studed anthology ideal. The story is set in a world hit by an alien virus that can either infect an individual to death or allow them to “mutate” and attain superhuman abilities.

There are currently twenty-two short story like anthologies published by individual authors that come into nexus adding to the larger plot. Currently, Martin is working to complete the twenty-third addition to the anthologies, High Stakes, which will just add to the already content-rich stories.

This is quite exciting, as there is so much the makers can do with such an enormous amount of content to play with. As Martin noted, they are still trying to figure out what stories and what characters will be in the series. However, he will have no part in the production of it due to his exclusive HBO development deal.

If you couldn’t already tell by the “Universal” in the production house’s name, it is owned by NBCUniversal. Now, this is where I was surprised, as a Martin story produced by someone that is not HBO makes me a little uncomfortable. But time will only tell how the audience will react.

Anyways, we finally have something to look forward to once Game of Thrones ends after its eighth season.

[Source: George R.R. Martin’s blog]

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