This Singaporean Company Is Hiring Pokémon Trainers

Pokémon Master Card

It’s hard to believe the huge impact Pokémon GO has had on the international stage after being released less than 3 months ago. People all over the globe are traversing far and wide in a massive attempt to be the very best and to catch them all. However, it is a game, and like any game, it stirs productivity away from the user. That changes today.

Recently, a Singaporean company released a flyer on their Facebook page looking to pay people to play Pokémon GO. There isn’t much detail surrounding the opportunity, what is known is that only a select few individuals can hold the position. Maybe YOU should apply and give it a GO.

Funzing Facebook Pokémon Master ad

Pokémon GO released in Southeast Asia and Latin America late July. Since then, the game has spurred countless memes, stories, and a huge following much like its initial release in North America and New Zealand.

Sources: Mashable


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