Facebook’s plan to copy Snapchat just hit a new high with ‘masks’

fb masks

Image: Facebook

Facebook is at it again. What am I referring to? Of course its endless attempt to destroy Snapchat. I mean I don’t blame Mark Zuckerberg for wanting to be #1. But now Facebook has gone too far, especially after recently releasing Instagram Stories, a carbon copy of Snapchat.

The feature has been released for testing in Canada and Brazil on Facebook. The new feature allows users to add “masks” (a.k.a. filters) to their selfies directly from their News Feed. This feature is the fruition of Facebook’s MSQRD acquisition, a company which specializes in filters for images and videos. Facebook had also released information earlier this summer during VidCon 2016 that they will be using MSQRD to bring filters to live streaming.

It will be interesting to see how “masks” plays out, and if Facebook will ever bring it out of testing to public. Moreover, the Olympic Games are probably the best way for Facebook to test if anyone would actually use the feature.

It is quite simple to use the feature, as users in Brazil or Canada will be prompted to celebrate the Olympics with their camera on Facebook. After taking a picture users will be able to use many different filters, I am guessing location-based filters are a possibility.

Facebook Masks

Image: Facebook

This new feature is an addition to Facebook’s plan to take over the online media industry. As this year alone Facebook has dropped millions into promoting publishers to use Facebook Live, it released Instagram stories, and is now trying to optimize your Facebook experience for more media-centered interactions.

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