This speaker allows you to experience a Live concert performance in your living room

Phantom Speaker

French manufacturer Devialet is drawing attention and internet buzz surrounding their $3,000 wireless speaker capable of delivering concert level performance. The Devialet Phantom Gold speaker maxes at a jaw-dropping 108 decibels, which is just as loud as a live concert. It is loud, it is small, and it is powerful. The technology behind the ‘Phantom’ speaker is actually quite innovative. Devialet’s engineers worked on its Analog Digital Hybrid technology (ADH) since Devialet’s conception on 2007.

Normal consumer based sound systems traditionally rely on either digital or analog amplifiers. Digital amplifiers provide strong performance and delivers muscle. Analog amplifiers on the other hand are made for subtlety. Devialet claims that their ‘Phantom’ speakers utilizes both amplifiers in tandem rather than in succession.

Back in 2010, the company’s released its first consumer based product, a $14,000 amplifier to gain recognition. The Phantom speaker then succeeded as their primary project in 2015. The shape behind the speaker is a sphere because according to co-founder Quentin Sanié, “acoustics engineering dictates that’s actually the best shape for a loudspeaker.”

For co-founder Quentin Sanié, ADH tech has been his lifelong dream, “This has been a dream for engineers for 40 years, and we were the first ones to do it…You need to fix 1,000 problems, and you need 1,000 nights to do it…When I heard it for the first time I cried, it was very emotional.”

The Phantom Gold speaker is the most expensive of Devialet’s Phantom units. The Gold version shown is $2,990. Entry level ‘White’ units sell for $1,990 and the mid-range ‘Silver’ for $2,390.

Devialet’s biggest market is France followed by the US and then UK third. With a team of about 40 engineers, the company seeks to succeed Dolby as the better audio manufacturing company. The team’s biggest goal is to get its technology and implement them in cars and TVs.

Sources: CNN, Bloomberg

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