Don’t get arrested playing Pokèmon GO

Pokemon Police get arrested

Don’t get arrested playing Pokemon GO

You just finished downloading Pokemon GO from the App Store and now you’re ready to dive into the Pokemon filled world with your fellow trainers. The world is full of dangers no doubt about that, and the game explicitly warns you of your surroundings. That’s good. That’s very good. There are cars, ditches, and even wild animals in your vicinity. So watch out. The dangers ahead playing the game can be punishing both physically and mentally. People have fallen, tripped, gotten hit, ran into an ex-lover, and sometimes faced legal action.

That’s correct. Not paying attention can get you in legal hot water and sometimes get you arrested. This applies especially for countries such as the U.S. and Canada where most of the negative press originate.

So to be a positive in the universe (Pokemon Universe), here are ways to avoid sleeping behind bars. You may thank me later.

1) Keep Off Private Government Property.

Some people went through secondary school without reading a single page out of a book. So it’s no surprise that some players who don’t know what the word “private” means, are facing legal action for trespassing government property. Seriously, is a 350 CP Charmander worth thousands of dollars in fines and time in jail? Pokemon are out there yes, and being the best is the ultimate goal, but it is still the same world regardless if you turned AR on or not. Do yourself a favor and pay attention.

2) Respect other people’s property

So apparently, people have deliberately trespassed into other people’s homes in hopes that the Pokemon lurking in their backyard might pop in their screen. That is so stupid. In the U.S. Being caught inside another person’s property can land you a court appearance with a not so pleasant orange uniform and perhaps get sued for a ton of lonely. Don’t be that guy and like government property, stay off of other people’s private spaces.

3) Keep a lookout in the streets

You’re out there catching and hatching Pokemon enjoying the time of your life and then suddenly your flung 50 feet into the air and you come back suffering severe injuries and you realize you have no health insurance. Don’t tell the Police and the person who just ran you over that you were playing Pokemon GO. You’re making a fool of yourself. Tell them that, and you could be held liable for automobile damage and a jacked up insurance premium. In addition, your severe injuries won’t be blamed into the driver, it’s entirely on you. Hatching that 10km egg won’t be worth hatching a mail for a $20,000 settlement.

4) Don’t be a creep

If playing at 2 in the morning is the best spawn time for those Dratini nests then that’s fine. But playing at 2 in the morning without being near a street light, looking suspicious, and if you’re menacing to look at, can get you in trouble. Maybe not legal trouble but trouble. Regardless of time, Police do patrol historical sites, parks, and other public spaces to ensure no shady activity is going on. If you’re the person described above, chances are you can get pulled up and be questioned for your motives. It’s not fun.

Everyone gets it. The game is fun and addicting. Going out and expanding the Pokedex fills the heart with joy and a false sense of accomplishment. However, it’s still the real world and being mindful of the surroundings is still encouraged upon.

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