The Name “Apple Store” Is Killed Off By Apple Inc.

Apple, App Store

The Apple Store is no longer called “Apple Store”, but simply as “Apple”. Visiting Apple’s website, store locations of the company are just referencing the locations with the company’s “Apple” with them. For example, Apple Store in Union Square is just Apple Union Square, Fifth Avenue is now Apple Fifth Avenue, Apple the Grove, etc. Apple Inc. started dropping the “Store” portion of the name worldwide over 479 retail locations.

According to MacRumors, which first spotted the changed, “Apple also recently sent out a memo to its retail employees, letting them know that the ‘Store’ is gradually being dropped from both retail locations and online.”

The underlying behind this change remains unknown so far, but it’s worth noting Apple Inc. is always on the move on simplifying and approaching everything at minimalistic approach. Perhaps, the new branding reflects the changes in merchandises sold at Apple Stores to which retail locations have started selling exclusive services. Hence, why ‘Store’ has been dropped. Moreover, it can be taken as an approach to unite fans and build a community within the store without the preconceived notion of visitations purely for purchasing intentions.

Source: CultofMac

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