REPORT: Apple to release 3 iPhones plus one with a curved screen

iPhone 7 curved screen

Just in. Multiple new reports suggest that Apple Inc. will release not one, not two, but THREE iPhones this year! The new reports suggest that this will be a third device joining Apple’s flagship smartphone line. The report surfaced from Nikkei, which pointed out that the new iPhone will sport an OLED display that curved very much similar to Samsung’s S7 Edge or Note 7. The screen will not be completely a wraparound display like what some rumors suggested, but will have a 5.5-inch model in addition to 5.5+inch larger models.

Amidst the reports, there is growing skepticism and even concerns about the provider of the curved screens. Samsung is allegedly in talks with Apple, but the skepticism and concern stems from its own capability to sustain in providing the screens for Apple’s new devices as well as their own. However, worries aside, Apple has long partnered with the manufacturer Foxconn to provide the new upcoming iPhones’ curved OLED displays. Foxconn is said to be ramping up its production of the curved glasses.

The big selling point behind these curved glasses is the added versatility. Samsung’s S7 and Note 7 boasted extra features through their curved displays. The biggest attraction, however, is the fact that Apple can finally add MORE surface area to their phones while maintaining the size of the phone itself. If the iPhone 6/6s Plus weren’t big enough, Apple seemed to have addressed that issue with the new line up.

iPhone 7 blueprint

Early in the year, there were plenty of rumors of Apple’s new iPhones having a 5.8-inch screen WITHOUT curved displays about the size of the existing 6s Plus. To compare. The 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus, is pretty small compared to the 5.7-inch display of the Note 7.

That is how far the reports go. It was pretty asinine to think that Apple would heavily invest in only one model of their flagship phone. Now, Apple is throwing up their middle finger to the world and especially to their competitors, of having THREE product models in this new generation. However, that’s the changing world. Everyone will choose immediate gratification over patience and through Apple Inc.’s capitalism, the more choices consumers have, THE BETTER.

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