Gamers. Mark your calendars! The Xbox One S will release on August 2nd!

Xbox One with games

During Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2016, rumors lingered of a more powerful version of the Xbox One console. Towards the end, Microsoft confirmed the rumors and delivered not one, but two versions of the console; Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio. The latter is slated to release Holiday 2017. However, the Xbox One S is going to be out in retail shelves in less than week. If you’re an avid gamer and an Xbox fan, mark all your calendars because the highly anticipated new Xbox console will deliver a plethora of new functionalities and capabilities while expanding upon the features of the original Xbox One.

Xbox One

Sleeker. Slimmer. Sharper

The Xbox One S offers 4k Ultra HD with 4k upscaling in video games. It supports High Dynamic Range (HDR), an internal power supply, a 40% smaller size, and up to 2 Terabytes of storage. The console’s HDR and 4k capabilities satisfies what the Xbox community have been yearning for since the original Xbox One release: higher contrast ratio of light and dark, more luminous colors, clear and realistic videos, and be able to stream 4k videos on Netflix and Amazon. The new visual capabilities of the Xbox One S caters most to gamers who take pride in their machine’s stunning graphical output.

Xbox One Controller


In addition to the revised hardware, the Xbox One S wireless controller received a slight facelift and a new functionality to turn on other devices such as your TV, audio/video receiver, and your cable/satellite receiver through the new IR Blaster built-in to the controller. The new wireless controller features a sleeker and more streamlined design and boasts twice the range compared to the original wireless controller. In addition, the control pad has a new, textured grip, and more durable analog sticks. The controller will also be compatible with Windows 10 devices and general PC gaming machines.

The Xbox One S 2 Terabyte version will be sold for $399.99. The 1 Terabyte and 500 GB versions will hit stores on the 23rd of August and will be priced at $349 and $299 respectively.

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