Watch the first trailer to ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 from Comic-Con

The Walking Dead Comic-Con Trailer

Yesterday afternoon, Comic-Con revealed the newest trailer for the seventh season of The Walking Dead during the shows panel. Any avid fan of the show would certainly be looking for clues to solve the mystery that was left behind in the season six finale’s cliffhanger. Unsurprisingly, the show didn’t exactly spell out who Negan, the show’s newest villain, decides to kill.

The season six finale left us with the main cast all lined up after having been captured by Negan. He decides to kill one, and only one, person to atone for the deaths of members of his crew.

The trailer consists mostly of flashback footage of the characters that are lined up in front of Negan. After each flashback clip focusing on a specific character, a clip from the finale is shown of Negan’s bat waving in front of them. The trailer itself seems to only leave one potentially useful clue.

During Maggie’s flashback clip, she can be heard saying, “You don’t need a picture of me, you never will again.” She says this to Glen in the penultimate episode of season four. This could suggest one of two things. Either Glen won’t need a picture of her because they are both going to leave, or he won’t need one because he is going to die. Glen being ordered first in the flashback clips may not mean much, but add in the fact that Negan kills him in the comics and we have a better idea of who the victim might be.
It is important to note that shows don’t always follow the comics they are based on. In fact, the answer to this intensely suspenseful being held in the comics may just be too predictable. Either way, we’ll find out on October 23rd.

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