Tim Cook to hold private fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

Tim Cook

Image: Forbes, Most Powerful List

Yes, Tim Cook is at it again. According to BuzzFeed, the tech giant’s CEO plans to host a private fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.  This comes as no surprise, as Cook has been quite public about his political involvement this election cycle.

He has held other political fundraisers, including one for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan this summer. This goes to show that he does not play the Democratic or Republican game, supporting a candidate regardless of their party affiliation.

Cook not hosting a fundraiser for the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is not surprising, as he has voiced his opinion regarding Trump both as Apple’s CEO and private citizen. Recently, Apple backed out of sponsoring the Republican National Convention due to the candidate, although other Silicon Valley giants such as Google and Facebook continued their support.

But wait, there’s more.  Tim Cook has other reasons to pull his support from Trump.  Earlier this year Trump also called for a boycott of Apple’s products. If Trump didn’t realize the effect this would have on his relations with the company, he now has an idea. Sorry Trump, Apple does not forgive and forget.

[Source: BuzzFeed]

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