Analysts predict ‘Suicide Squad’ will break box office records

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

Each passing day draws us closer to the Thursday opening of Suicide Squad. Fans of the DC cinematic Universe are setting high expectations as it features an exciting atmosphere, funny action packed scenes, and more importantly, a less gloomy presentation of DC’s hero films which plagued Batman V. Superman. Forbes magazine outlined the positive elements of the movie and how it can impact the reception upon release. According to Forbes, what’s going well for the film is its far more diverse set of characters with anti-hero personas; three females are present in the film along with people of color. This mixture of casts allows the film to broaden its appeal to a wider set of audiences which will definitely impact its performance during the opening weekend.

Suicide Squad Friends

One may argue that Suicide Squad’s main appeal is the vast loyalty and popularity of Harley Quinn among DC fans. Furthermore, having a new Joker on set freshens up the DC Cinematic brand altogether despite the highly acclaimed performance of Heath Ledger’s Joker. With these two variables in the equation, Suicide Squad can easily be seen as the break out star of the August box office.

The primary factor to the movie’s reception however are the critical reviews of the many trailers released out into social media. What can be taken from the high awareness, strong buzz, and enormous positive feedback is that Suicide Squad may just become just as big the Avengers. When talking about the Avengers, it is no easy feat to top or let alone compete with it as The Avengers scored $80 Million on its North American opening weekend with Age of Ultron at $84 Million.

Suicide Squad’s massive positive appeal, strong marketing, and the huge buzz surrounding its release will leave an impact that may break and surpass superhero films released thus far.

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