Stardust to face Stephen Amell again on ‘Arrow’ Season 5

Amell and Stardust

If you are as big an Arrow fan as I am, you know that Stephen Amell has become more of a star than just merely a TV actor. This is because he does not limit himself to just being an actor, Amell is currently underway with his indigogo movie Code 8 in conjunction with his cousin Robbie Amell. He has also had a long scripted feud with former WWE wrestler Stardust a.k.a Cody Rhodes last year. They had a tag-team fight on WWE’s Summer Slam, which made a lot of noise. But here is some good news, their anti-bromance is to continue on Arrow’s Season 5.

This was announced at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey via, where both made a joint appearance. Stephen Amell also made the announcement on his heavily followed fan base on facebook.
There is no confirmation of what character Cody Rhodes will be playing, but this much is for sure, he will not be in the starting episodes of the season as shooting is to begin July 5th not giving him enough time to star in the first couple episodes. However, it is expected that his character will appear before the show goes on a mid-season break before Christmas time.
Cody will most probably play a villain, but it is difficult to say which one, as DC is very creative when it comes to villain’s. It has taken characters from other parts of the DC universe and not only the Arrow side of things.
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