Sony surpasses Microsoft with over 43.5 million PS4’s shipped worldwide

PS4 Nathan Drake

This is not much of a surprise. Ever since Sony released the PS4, it has long since dominated the console market with Microsoft’s Xbox One seemingly always lagging behind it. One may argue that the controversial Xbox One reveal allowed Sony to propel its next generation console towards massive success in 2015 and 2016. Looking retrospectively at the console titles released exclusively for the PlayStation 4, it is easy to understand the overwhelming positive feedback behind the console. Bloodborne, the Nathan Drake collection, and Uncharted 4 were big titles that influenced consumers to pick the PS4 over the Xbox One. After all, why should gamers and many consumers choose the Xbox One if Xbox exclusives were playable on the PC anyways?


It’s always been argued that the PS4 boasts better hardware performance than the Xbox One. With many titles running at a hard lock 30 fps in the PS4 with Xbox One fluctuating between 25 and 30 fps. The higher stability of Sony’s entertainment machine played a critical role in the appeal towards hardcore gamers.

During E3 2016, Microsoft announced two new versions of the Xbox One: the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. Both versions of the console boasts new functionalities and better visuals with the latter version receiving an entirely new hardware overall with greater graphical output. Sony responded with news of PlayStation Neo which acts as an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4.

Source: GameInformer

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