Sanders’ Appearance at Convention Sparks Rumors

DNC Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders made his first appearance at the Democratic National Convention today, causing tensions to rise and rumors to fly.  It all began when Sanders urged his supporters to unite under Hillary Clinton, keeping in mind the shared goal of defeating Donald Trump.

Sanders is desperately trying to keep the Democrats whole, lest Donald Trump gain an advantage over a divided Democratic party.  However, his supporters, who are extremely skeptical of the presumptive nominee, booed vehemently when encouraged to support Clinton.  Many of those who were on the fence have now pledged their support to a variety of third-party candidates in light of the leaked DNC emails that provide concrete evidence of a party leadership plot to stifle Bernie Sanders’ chances of gaining the nomination.

Soon after his speech, chaos erupted on social media as Jane Sanders, the wife of the senator, was heard on a hot mic.  While leaning closer to her husband, she can be heard saying, “They don’t know your name is being put in nomination, that’s the concern.”  It should be noted that some reports say that Mrs. Sanders said “isn’t” instead of “is”.  Although, amidst the booing of the idea of voting for Hillary Clinton, it seems unlikely she would refer to his not being put on the nomination as a concern.  His supporters want him to be the nominee.  Therefore, the fact that they don’t know he still might have a chance is likely what the “concern” was.  The idea of being able to continue supporting him would have eased the tension and anger in the room.

Ignoring the speculation for a moment, the Democratic Party’s biggest concern is clearly the struggle to remain united.  In fact, if Bernie Sanders is named as an option in a roll call vote at the convention, it may spark even more tension and division.  Democrats will have to decide what they value more – the opportunity to decide who would be the best nominee, or solidified unity to defeat Donald Trump.  

So far, day one at the DNC has focused on a topic sure to unite Democrat voters against Donald Trump regardless of the Democratic nominee, immigration.  Multiple speakers, who happen to be undocumented immigrants, have already taken the stage.  They bear the message of their desire to pursue the American dream without constantly looking over their shoulder.  Republicans are sure to fire back, arguing that they wouldn’t have to if they had entered the country legally.  

Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren are set to speak tonight as well.

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