Why Samsung’s Android Devices are a Better Choice over Google’s Nexus

Samsung vs Nexus

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Nowadays, we have a plethora of android devices. And this long list just makes it difficult for people to pick a phone that will be perfect for them – there’s simply just too much to choose from. Personally, I believe that Samsung and Google’s Nexus have the best offerings. Maybe you can count HTC in as well, but that is debatable given their performance in the smartphone market before the HTC 10. LG is right up there too, being one of the reputable brands, but I just do not like its UI. People always keep criticizing TouchWiz for lags and resource management, but in my opinion LG is far worse at it. LG’s UI lags a lot even on the homescreen, and the RAM management just cannot keep up with the demand (this is my experience with the G4, maybe it has been fixed in the G5). Sure, the homescreen can be replaced with a third-party app if we want to, but we shouldn’t have to. And then there’s all those Chinese manufacturers, who offer a premium smartphone at a not so premium price. The biggest deal-breaker with them is the lack of security updates. And I just feel like a majority of the Chinese manufacturer are iPhone fanboys, since they skin their android devices to make it look like iOS. Mind that this is just my opinion on the various Android manufacturers, and it might differ from yours. I am just putting my thought out there.

Now getting to the million-dollar question – why I prefer Samsung devices over Google’s Nexus. It is no news that Google’s Nexus devices have a huge fan base in the tech community, and a similar level of hate for Samsung devices. But I feel that Samsung has evolved, and it is no longer the Samsung that people hated. Samsung’s devices have always had top of the line specs, but Samsung has significantly evolved its software side. TouchWiz on the Galaxy S7 has the fastest iteration of TouchWiz yet. Samsung has significantly improved the system optimization, while reducing the lags and stutters at the same time. There’s also significantly less amount of bloatware. Overall, TouchWiz is way more reliable now than it was in the past. And some added features like split screen multitasking and one-handed operation also comes in handy every now and then.

On the other hand, Google’s Nexus is still at same the point it was four-five years ago. I mean sure, the hardware has significantly improved, with Nexus 6P having one of best smartphone cameras and really good battery life. It is clear that Google has been going through a lot of trouble to design these devices, I mean especially after they went through all the trouble to put Snapdragon 810 v2 inside the Nexus 6P, which is an improved version of SD 810 and apparently produces less heat. But I really wish that Google took this much time and effort to fix bugs before releasing software updates. One of the perks of having a Nexus device is receiving latest software updates straight from Google. However, these updates often ends up eventually ruining the ‘Nexus Experience’. Back when I had a Nexus 4, I was fed up with random reboots and overheating of the device, that too in less than a year after it was released. So it was still pretty young, and Google did not care at all about delivering proper bug fixes. Same story follows for every nexus device after that. Even the latest Nexus devices, the Nexus 6P, is plagued with bugs. Users on Reddit have been reporting minor but annoying bugs. Many users reported issues with random reboots, screen rotation, audio problems and many more. Some users even reported that the device lagged heavily about once every week, and it required a reboot to fix it. And this is exactly why I went with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge over the Nexus 6P, because I would rather have a reliable device than have the latest software update at all time.

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