‘Pokémon Go’ is finally available on the App Store and Play Store

Pokèmon Go is now live in specific countries for iOS and Android. It is a reality mobile game made from Niantic Labs and Nintendo.

Here is the App Store link

The game is special in that it uses the phone’s location, camera, and sensors to place Pokèmon in the real world around us. This game is very similar to Ingress, another AR mobile game by Niantic in which users have to travel around their area in order to gain points. However, in Pokèmon Go users will travel to nearby landmarks and various other locations to catch Pokèmon, then train and battle with them.
Surprisingly, U.S. users are the ones who are having availability issues, whereas users in Australia and New Zealand are able to download and install the app. Also, the app is available for free to users, however it contains several in-app purchases which go up to nearly a hundred dollars. Nintendo has also announced a $35 wrist band which will allow users to play the game without having to touch their phone, yet no released date has been announced for it.
This is the first news we have on the game since the public beta ended on June 30th.
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