Watch the first teaser of Marvel’s next Netflix series, The Defenders

Marvel's Defenders
If you thought that Marvel was doing great with its Netflix series’, you were right. The studio just announced a new series coming to Netflix in 2017 during its Netflix Panel at Comic-Con, along with new clips for Luke Cage.

The teaser released is for The Defenders, an event series which will be a crossover featuring Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil. Somewhat similar to how the Avengers come together. Additionally, It will also have its very own mystical evil that is trying to swallow all of New York City. We don’t yet know how the timeline or the story really work, if everyone will be a team or will they all have their own timeline with a couple of tag-team episodes. As Marvel usually tends to have tweaks in its Netflix storylines.

We are pretty confident that more details will be released soon as the release date gets closer, however till then make sure to keep an eye on this post for updates from SDCC 2016.

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