Apple indicates a digital crown in future iPhone’s


iPhone 7 rumors are spreading like wildfire at this point, with the rumor of having no headphone jack being the biggest negative for the upcoming Apple device. However, what if I told you to forget the iPhone 7 and think about what Apple will release on the 10th anniversary of the iconic iPhone, as rumors have it that next year will be a revolutionary year for the iPhone brand. Some are discussing the possibility of a body redesign made of glass and others suspect massive upgrades to the camera. However, the latest rumor is one that I personally hadn’t heard before – a digital crown. Yes, like the one on the Apple Watch.

A recently released Apple patent from 2014 indicates a digital crown on an iPhone/iPad like device shown below. The button 204 “rotatory input” is the digital crown on the patent blueprint.


The patent doesn’t necessarily mean that a digital crown will be coming to an iPhone or iPad anytime soon or at all, as sometimes companies get their ideas patented just as a precaution.

Here is a look at the digital crown in action in a video made by 3D designers about a year a go, it is used as both a digital crown and touch.

For now, this is all we have on the iPhone for next year. However, don’t forget, the iPhone 7 release date is approaching quickly. The best reports still indicate no headphone jack (Sorry guys) and a larger camera, other than that, the phone is said to be a small upgrade with no major hardware or design changes.

Images: 9to5Mac

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