Google finally introduces sharing for Android with ‘Family Library’


Image: Google Official Blog

Something that Android fans have always demanded is a Family Sharing plan for Android’s Google Play store. Well, no need to wait Android users. The rumors about Google introducing Family Sharing for Android has finally come true. Android users can now share their apps, movies, and books with their family with ‘Family Library’.

This isn’t new territory for the tech world, as iOS has had this feature for quite some time now, but it works a little differently on Android. If a member on Android’s Family Plan wants to install a paid app, the primary account holder must approve the transaction first. iOS allows to change this in the settings, but there’s no such option in Android’s iteration. Nonetheless, the members of the plan can each add their own credit card, if they wish not to ask for the primary account holder’s approval. Moreover, the members can also decide which app they’d like to have installed on all devices, and which ones to install only on a specific device.

My favorite feature of Android’s ‘Family Library’ is that books, movies, and TV can also be shared with iPhone users, since the plan primarily uses Google account to enroll members. Unfortunately, the apps cannot be shared with iPhone users, so you cannot share all those pokeballs you bought on your Android device with your sister’s iPhone. To be honest, that’d be too much to ask for anyway since it would require an effort on Apple’s side as well. And we all know Apple isn’t in the business of working with Google anytime soon.

So head on to your settings on the Google Play Store to see if Family Sharing has rolled out to your device! If you don’t see any option for it yet, no need to panic. Google usually rolls out updates over a 48 hours period, so you should receive the big update in that timeframe. Here is the sign up link Google gave.

The feature can be shared between a max of 6 people in a family. It is also restricted to these countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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