How today’s Roll Call Vote at the DNC Could Get Dicey

Bernie supporters roll call at DNC

Rowdy, chaotic, and noisy could all be used to describe day one of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia yesterday. Due to the unrelenting support of Bernie Sanders’ fans, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have as many friends in the city of brotherly love as she might like. Supporters of the senator from Vermont booed and heckled anyone who dare suggest that they vote for the former secretary of state.

As unique of an event as that was, it’s quite possible that what we saw will be nothing compared to what could occur tonight. A roll call vote is scheduled to occur on day two of the DNC. Anyone who followed the Republican convention probably noticed the roll call vote that they had. Essentially, it is an official vote cast by the delegations of each state, declaring which nominee they want to represent them in the general election.

A substantial part of the chaos yesterday surrounded a comment Jane Sanders, the wife of the senator, made to her husband. She was picked up on a hot mike referencing the fact that Bernie’s name was being put on the nomination. In order to have their name put on the nomination, a candidate must give their written approval to the convention secretary along with 300 signatures by 6 p.m. Monday. The rumor that the journey wasn’t quite over for Sanders soon became fact as he met those requirements to be eligible to be voted for on the convention floor.

This is mostly a symbolic gesture for Sanders’ supporters. Just as the voters did at home, a majority of delegates will vote for Hillary Clinton to be their next nominee. Most of the party is eager to move on and unite under a single candidate.

This is not to say that the roll call vote will be uneventful. Despite their dismal odds, Bernie’s supporters will fight to the very end, shouting and raising hell at every opportunity to make their voices heard. Regardless of political leanings, the fact that Sander’s supporters haven’t yet given up this late in the game in admirable. There has not been such potential for a wild night at either party’s convention in recent memory. Only time will tell what actually happens.

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