Now you can translate your screen on Android

Google Now on Tap Reveal

If you’ve been using Android 6.0 Marshmallow there is a feature that will allow you to scan your screen for relevant information, if you knew this already you are the very few. As a majority of users have no idea about it.

The feature can be accessed by holding down the home button, this causes the feature called Now on Tap to be activated and Google scans whatever is on your screen for useful information such as sharing to social media, directions, dates, and web links. Quite cool right? Google agrees, as they call it the future of Google search integrations within apps. The great part is that developers do not have to worry about any integration, it is done completely by the operating system.However, there are some glitches. The feature is new and not too well known, furthermore it does not always seem to work. But Google has just added an awesome new feature into the Now on Tap’s capabilities. You can now simply press the discover button in the Now on Tap screen and get all the relevant information relating to the screen. The info would include articles, videos, blog posts, social posts, etc. They are also adding a QR code reader straight from your phone’s camera into Now on Tap.

Google's Now on Tap in action


But, *drum-roll*… now for the revolutionary feature, it can translate a page by simply pressing “Translate this screen” card when in the Now on Tap screen.

The translations work with Android users who have their devices set to English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish. This is pretty usual of Google to do, as it is serving the larger markets, and more support is to come.

This is all very impressive on Google’s part to allow users to explore their screens in such a new way, however it will require a lot more fixes before it is ready for all users to embrace it, and actually find it useful.

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