YouTube releases new mobile live features for creators at VidCon

YouTube CEO

Have you always wanted to live broadcast on YouTube, maybe to your family for a special day or to showcase an event to your fanbase? Well YouTube has allowed creators to live stream events since 2011, however you would have to have the few phones that supported the feature or you would have to carry around your laptop. None of that sounds fun and that is why today at VidCon, in Anaheim, Susan Wojcicki introduced YouTube’s brand new live mobile broadcast tool for creators.

Yes! This is true, and you can get excited as a creator to share your world even more closely with your fans, and for the fans you may finally get some LIVE VLOGS. Just saying that sounds so awesome. Anyways, the tool is coming soon to the YouTube app.

YouTube Live Example

In my opinion, sure YouTube could have released this long time ago, however with Facebook’s recent efforts to push into the live video market this seems like an ideal move for the Google-owned media giant. Only time will tell how YouTube’s fantastic stars will use this tool in the near future.

Also, Wojcicki showed that YouTube is still king in the video business, referring to Twitter and Facebook indirectly:

“Even though the online video space is more crowded than ever, YouTube continues to thrive.” 

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