Season 5 of ‘Arrow’ will have Josh Segarra starring as the new vigilante

Alright Arrow fans, the CW just dropped some big news. A new vigilante is coming to Star City for Season 5 of the series. And if you are a Chicago PD fan, he is none other than recurring actor Josh Segarra.

Yes, that is right Josh Segarra is joining the cast of Arrow as a regular, he will be working with our beloved Mayor Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) as his assistant Adrian Chase. More specifically, he will be playing a district attorney, who will in his own vigilante ways use the law in order to get justice. And if you are a comic geek, like me, his character was introduced in DC Comic 1983, in which he is a vengeful individual after his family is killed by a mob.

This addition could be just the boost the show needs in order to reach its once glory days. Not to say that the show is not doing well, but since the release of The Flash, Arrow has lived in its shadow.

I guess it’s an agree to disagree situation depending on which show you favor.

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