Moto Z: Motorola’s take on Modular Smartphones

2016 has been a big year for modular smartphones. Earlier this year, LG G5 was released, which allowed users to attach camera accessories, bigger batteries and many other mods. However, LG’s attempt was regarded by many as cumbersome since you would have to turn off the phone and swap the battery every time you want to put on a new mod. Nonetheless, Motorola has entered the playing field with improved modularity while fixing things that many users found to be annoying about the LG G5.
Unlike the LG G5, Motorola’s latest flagship Moto Z has POGO pins, which allows you to just snap on MotoMODs (that’s what they are calling it) without turning off your phone or the hassle of removing battery. And so far, Motorola has done a much better job than LG at releasing better options. The MODs can be used as a case, like a Bamboo back cover, or can be snapped on for extra features such as projecting your phone’s screen. And Motorola has confirmed that there are many more MotoMODs are on the way. It is interesting to see what Motorola will eventually bring to the table. And so far, it looks much more promising that LG G5, and hopefully it will turn to be a big hit.
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