Marvel to introduce Captain Marvel in Civil War 2 comic and plans casting for the future

I had initially planned not to write a blog post today as I was working on videos and school, however when the internet blew up with news on Captain Marvel — I had to. If you have been a faithful follower of the Marvel Universe, you know that Captain Marvel is awesome and simply a dream come true for us to watch the long-awaited superhero on the big screen.
If you have not heard about Captain Marvel before, she is part of the U.S. Airforce and has led a life away from the eyes of the world by having a secret identity. Her real name is Carol Danvers and she has been called “Marvel’s biggest female superhero.”

Her abilities are quite diverse on which she can fly, absorb energy, super strength, and has a sixth sense ability. She is basically the counter part to DC’s Supergirl. Sure, many may not agree to this as she is considered to be Human. However, she is a Human/ Kree hybrid. Officially making her a part of the “alien club.”

Now that hopefully old fans have reminisced and new to-be fans have learned about Marvel’s female powerhouse its time to talk about cast. So who will be casted for the role? Rumors have it that Oscar winner actress Brie Larson has been approached and she is excited to accept the offer!

Larson is clearly qualified for the role, not only due to her Oscar, but due to the work she has done. She has basically been involved in the  industry since her childhood and is now shooting the drama series The Glass Castle.
This news is sure exciting as it will be interesting to see Larson as Captain Marvel, however this is very premature and still in the talks but it should be noted that she is the front runner. 

Also, it will be interesting to see how Captain Marvel will soon become an essential part of the Avengers saga making our favorite Tony and “Caps” feel like supporting characters. Well…I should not say that, maybe more like they will no longer be the sole focus of the comic and future storyline.

Whoever they select, as long as they can play the role in a strong and positive attitude the audience should reciprocate to her. 

Can’t wait for an announcement from Marvel.

Oh and here is a poster for all you fans of the Civil War 2 comic!

Source: Variety (Casting Leak)

UPDATE: I apologize as I was not clear about Civil War 2 being a comic. Brie Larson has been approached for the role of Captain Marvel for the big screen NOT a “Civil War 2” movie.

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