How Apple just made the Apple Watch a winner

A lot of Apple Watch owners, including myself, can agree that the most annoying and frustrating part of the watch is the wait time. The lag and  how long the apps take to launch can kill the excitement of using an app on your wrist. Well, now Apple WatchOS 3 has changed the game completely with reducing launch time by 7X!

This update will be one that many of us Watch owners will cherish. Other updates announced at Apple’s WWDC ’16 about the Watch included:

  • New Mini Mouse Watch Face.
  • New Numeral Watch Face.
  • Background app refresh, now everything is realtime!
  • New Health App for the disabled.
  • Messages now has smart reply. More tailored ways to reply.
  • Scribble, a new way to sketch letters and make words on the watch to reply.
  • New Breathe app to give you a relaxing 1-5 mins of breathing, guiding you through your stressful day. This works with haptic feedback or shows you relaxing visuals.
  • Share your fitness ring with family and friends!
  • A new Dock that allows you to swift between your apps and see REALTIME updates in your apps. (Done by pressing the lower button on the watch).
The preview will be available today for developers and a free upgrade in the Fall for all users.
Here are images released by Apple during the conference:
Images: Apple & Mashable
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