‘Game of Thrones’ Battle of Bastards made dreams come true

Yo, this article contains spoilers of episode 9 and 10. Just a heads up.

Yes, that is right tonight’s Game of Thrones episode 9 was full of action, emotion, and Sansa Stark. The Battle of Bastards was an episode which caused many fans ulcers, placed on the day of the NBA Finals (Congrats LeBron!) and their fear of losing Jon Snow and not seeing a Winterfell with a dire-wolf flag on it.


Well as the title suggests, the penultimate episode of Season 6 had everything a fan could dream of, no joke, claps for the directors. It has Jon going rampage and through many hardships winning the “Battle of the Bastards.” Finally, Ramsay faced justice, through his own his hounds, which was very creative by the show. However, this battle did not come to the conclusion it did without some help. Yes, Littlefinger proved himself to be loyal friend to Sansa as he arrived just in time with men of the House of Vale to help Jon reach victory.


This episode was unique for its weight towards female empowerment, finally the show seems like it will be the time for Queen’s to rule, not Kings. Daenerys was seen in absolutely badass light this episode as she basically called on her dragons and burned the masters’ fleet into the ocean. After she took back control of Meereen she made a deal with the Iron Borns to help them kill their uncle and give them their new QUEEN, Yara. During which a lot sparks were fired about their fathers and how terrible of kings they were, basically foreshadowing how awesome they are going to be as Queens. Lastly, my favorite part of the the episode, Sansa was not being given enough importance when it came to planning the battle, and yet she was the one to make House Stark proud through her cleaver thinking. Did I mention Sansa’s smirks were definetly making it feel like it is time for the woman of Game of Thrones to rule all.


Yep, it was an episode of Game of Thrones, and like any other fan I made my weekly predictions. I expected Jon’s army to be backed by Jaime Lannister. I thought this was a possibility as Lady Brienne had not returned from her quest, and that last good bye to Jaimè made my imagination go wild.


If you waited for the promo for the final, you may have seen Littlefinger making requests to Sansa and that trials are about to start in front of the Seven Gods in Kings Landing. Finally, the last very shocking part of the promo was Jaime and the Frey’s feasting together, could this be foreshadowing some trouble for the Starks, especially with the Lannister army against them. But such a danger could finally create a nexus between the Starks and the Mother of Dragons.

Watch out for more updates until the finale. And if you have not watched the promo, click here.

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