Fan-made Trailer Recaptures Why We Should be Excited About ‘Game of Thrones,’ Battle of the Bastards

This Sunday is going to be epic, I can feel it and if the promo after episode 8 was anything – it was exhilarating. However, many fans seem to be worried that their beloved Jon Snow might not survive the sociopathic Bolton. Sure, I can see where the fear is stemming from, Ramsay does not seem to have a history with defeat, whereas Jon Snow…well lets just say he has the Red Witch.

But if you are looking for something to remind you of Jon’s good deeds and Ramsay’s horrible ways, a fan-made trailer of the Battle of the Bastards seems to elucidate what we can expect from the penultimate episode of the season. Although made from stills of previous episodes, it seems to capture essential scenes that build up to this Sunday.

Also, if we know anything about GofT, it is obvious that death is going to occur, but who is going to be on the wrong side of the sword?

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